SPORT OKBET | NFL Week 1 Odds and Betting Lines: Wilson Returns to Seattle as Favorite

SPORT OKBET | NFL Week 1 Odds and Betting Lines: Wilson Returns to Seattle as Favorite


With the Sunday League coming to an end in Week 1 of the NFL schedule, we have one of the best season openers as the Denver Broncos are near touchdown favorites against the Seattle Seahawks in Monday’s first edition. We are aiming at night okbet football.

SPORT OKBET | NFL Week 1 Odds and Betting Lines: Wilson Returns to Seattle as Favorite

The first Sunday of the 2022 NFL season was, unsurprisingly, filled with betting action.

Since the schedule was announced in the spring, the Week 1 NFL odds have been in the slow cooker, taking action over the summer and adapting to every player move, injury, and team news. Now, the first week of the NFL is almost set.

The Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams showed potential Super Bowl previews on Thursday. Sunday’s list was topped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who faced the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Monday Night Football brings Russell Wilson into the Week 1 Finals with his Denver Broncos debut as the 6.5-point favorite against his former team, the Seattle Seahawks.

Here’s the full list of Opening Weekend games and the latest odds for NFL Week 1.

NFL Week 1 Odds
Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle, Mayfield’s revenge play against Cleveland, and the LA Chargers seeking revenge against rival Raiders.

Bills at RamsThurs, 8:20 p.m. ETRams +2.552
Saints at FalconsSun, 1 p.m. ETFalcons +5.543.5
Browns at PanthersSun, 1 p.m. ETPanthers -1.542
49ers at BearsSun, 1 p.m. ETBears +638
Steelers at BengalsSun, 1 p.m. ETBengals -744
Eagles at LionsSun, 1 p.m. ETLions +648.5
Colts at TexansSun, 1 p.m. ETTexans +745.5
Patriots at DolphinsSun, 1 p.m. ETDolphins -346
Ravens at JetsSun, 1 p.m. ETJets +6.544
Jaguars at CommandersSun, 1 p.m. ETCommanders -343
Chiefs at CardinalsSun, 4:25 p.m. ETCardinals +6.554
Raiders at ChargersSun, 4:25 p.m. ETChargers -3.552.5
Packers at VikingsSun, 4:25 p.m. ETVikings -2.546
Giants at TitansSun, 4:25 p.m. ETTitans -544
Buccaneers at CowboysSun, 8:20 p.m. ETCowboys +250
Broncos at SeahawksMon, 8:15 p.m. ETSeahawks +6.544.5

Odds from Sports Okbet as of 9/11/2022.

Bills on Rams okbet odds
opening line
Aries +1, over/under 52

why the line moved
Sept 16 4:10pm ET 8: With kickoff imminent, the market consensus is Bills -2.5 with most trades trading at a total of 52 points. Sportsbook DraftKings reported 68% of bets on Buffalo and also won 74% of the handles. Our Covers Consensus numbers show that 57% of picks are on the Visitor side and 56% of overall picks are on the Overs side.

September 10, 10:30 AM ET 8: Matchday is Here! Most books sell bills of -2.5, but some stores are down to -2, and even Canadian books trade buffalo at -1.5 Thursday morning.

Our Covers Consensus shows 59% of picks in the visiting bill, while sportsbooks like BetMGM report 62% of bets and 68% of handles aboard Buffalo. This is a notable difference from the almost 90% grip that appeared on the bill at the end of August. The PointsBet book is heavily impacted by Bill’s actions heading into kickoff, with his 71% of ticket sales and 77% of handles going to his Josh Allen & Co.

The total is up 51.5 to 53 points over the past week, with most stocks trading at 52 points as of Thursday morning. PointsBet shows 61% of over bets tonight and 66% of money banking on high score finishes.

4:30pm ET, Tuesday, Sept. 9 6: DraftKings+2 Buffaloes move to Los Angeles for season opener after Rams fix Matthew Stafford’s elbow issue in summer The game totals are up 51.5 points from 53 across the industry, with over plays bought back earlier in the week and under action a few more. is shrinking. 12:30pm. ET, Monday, August. 29th: The NFL pecking order changes dramatically as the defending Super Bowl champion Rams drop from -1 to +2.5 in Thursday’s opener at home to Buffalo, according to BetMGM’s book. , a one-sided game with Visiting Bills all summer, with 90% of bets and 74% of bets in favor of Buffalo. That total goes from his 52 points to his 52.5 points he increases by 0.5 points and 55% of the bet and his 52% of the money carried over.

Saints vs Falcons odds
opening line
Hawks +3.5, over/under 42

why the line moved
12:15 p.m. ET, Sunday, September. 11: At Money on New Orleans, this spread jumps to Saints -6 in some of his books online and -5.5 in others. Books report on the one-sided play of street teams. Spots like PointBet account for his 74% of bets and his 70% of NOLA processing.

8:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Most sportsbooks still treat New Orleans as a 5.5 favorite on Sunday morning, but some like PointsBet are down to NOLA -5.Earlier in the weekend, BetMGM and others books reported unsolicited treatment (85%) and ticket numbers (78%) of the Saints. The total number is between 42.5 and 43 points.

September 16 at 4:10 p.m. ET 8: The 42+ games by reputable professional bettors brought the total to 43 across many sportsbooks on Thursday afternoon. Spots like DraftKings report his 77% of the money to the bank with high scores.

The Saints have received a lot of accolades this offseason, and he’s seen the spread in the NFC South jump from his NOLA of -3.5 to -5.5 with his 2-point jump. Atlanta is expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. This is a big reason why DraftKings puts 92% of his handles on the Saints and reports his 76% of bet numbers.

Browns at Panthers odds
opening line
Panther +3.5, Over/Under 42.5

why the line moved
8:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Week 1’s most interesting line continues, with Carolina returning to Cleveland as her one-point home favorite. The Panthers jumped to +1 (again) earlier this week, and the Browns were bought back with hot money, but the operator has put a lot of bets and money into Carolina making this contest between -1 and PKs on Sunday morning. The total is 42-42.5 points.

Saturday, Sept. 10: Sunday’s “Baker Bowl” scoring continues to be everywhere as of Saturday morning as the books continue to rake in hot money across various sites. As of Friday night, the spread was consensus, but on Saturday morning the books started taking different positions, some moving to Panthers -1 and others to Browns -1. Please continue reading.

September 16 at 4:10 p.m. ET 8: More moves on Week 1’s wackiest line. Books stable in Carolina was -1.5 ahead of respected money from the pro Cleveland. Snap points, drop their spreads and pick them with many operators. Some online stores are going as far as Browns -1, and as of Thursday afternoon there are several Panthers -1 lines hanging around.

2:00 PM ET, Wednesday, Sept. 7: Deshawn Watson drama/Baker Mayfield trade for Browns to Game Week in Cleveland after this strong offseason market move from -4.5 to +2.5 begins. Books fell to Carolina -2 and even -1.5 on Wednesday. Some trades on Tuesday saw the total drop to 40 points, while over buybacks were 42 points.

This game was one of the wildest offseason markets I can remember. Deshawn Watson’s suspension was above the Week 1 line, with Cleveland opening at -4.5 and bookmakers battling a possible suspension for him. As the cases against the Browns’ new QB increased, the spread narrowed to -3, eventually dropping to -2.5 in some books.

When the Panthers traded Cleveland for his QB Baker his Mayfield, that market shifted to Brown’s +1, eventually choosing them. With Watson’s suspension set in stone, Carolina jumped to the -2.5 favorite.

As week 1 approaches, the BetMGM book reports that 91% of his wager was on the Panthers. The total also dropped her two points from 43.5 to 41.5.

49ers at bear odds
opening line
Bears +6.5, Over/Under 42.5

why the line moved
12:15 p.m. ET, Sunday, September. 11: The game’s total is down two points from last weekend’s rain on a freshly renewed solder field with Bermuda grass on Sunday morning. Gusts of up to 25km/h are expected in the second half. This reduces that number to just 37.5 across the industry, with operators like WynnBET underreporting more than 97% of their earnings.

8:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Most deals settled in San Francisco -6.5 TE George Kittle unlikely to play due to groin injury, but some Bears +7 lines still available at places like WynnBET Yes. That total has dropped to 40 points across the industry. The Chicago weather forecast calls for rain at 1pm. The ET gets more gusty in the second half, reaching 25 mph.

Saturday, Sept. 10: As of Saturday morning, the 49ers are ahead of host Chicago’s Bears by seven points. The big move in this matchup this week was total. The current forecast for Soldier Field on game day calls for winds of 15 to 20 mph and a 95% chance of rain. The total started the week at 41 or 41.5 and is currently at 40 (-110) on DraftKings. There are still some 40.5 books out there, but you can expect those numbers to fade as Sunday approaches.

Monday, Sept. 5: This range has been relatively stable at -6.5 after San Francisco opened, but recently climbed to -7.5 when he had some action with the 49ers in August. According to sportsbook DraftKings, 64% of the bets will be made in San Francisco, with 58% of the money going to the Niners and new No. 1 Trey Lance.

Steelers at Bengals odds
opening line
Bengal -6, Over/Under 45

why the line moved
Sept. 12 12:20 p.m. ET 11: After several spots showed his spread for a touchdown at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati this morning, the market moved to consensus his Bengals-7, with Cinsey match day action took place. With books such as BetMGM reporting relatively divided action on the game over the summer, betting on Pittsburgh is sharper.

8:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Action over the weekend has pushed the Bengals from -6.5 to -7 in some sportsbooks, while some trading still holds -6.5 in Cincinnati. Heading into the weekend, operators reported a slight drop in the number and processing of tickets to home teams. Our cover consensus shows him 56% of the Bengals Sunday morning picks. That total is at his 44.5 points on the board, drawing two-way action over/under.

This AFC North rivalry started as low as -6 in the Bengals, with the spread going as high as -7.5 in some books, before settling for touchdowns across the market. The BetMGM sportsbook won 56% of the incumbent AFC champions, but drew more bets on the Steelers (55% of the betting count). As week 1 approaches, the total remains at 44.5 despite 63% of funds supporting the under.

Eagles at Lions odds
opening line
Leo +4, above/below 46.5

why the line moved
12:15 p.m. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Philadelphia fell to -3.5 to -5.5 over the weekend due to an injury to the Lions’ offensive line. The book is currently trading the Eagles at -6 and the street team continues to receive money.WynnBET weighs in on Eagles ticket numbers (71%) and Sunday processing (80%).

8:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Action in Philadelphia began to show on Friday, rising from -3.5 to -5.5 for the Eagles on Sunday morning. Detroit has suffered injuries across its offense, and these cluster complaints, along with positive offseason perceptions for this Philadelphia team, have greatly facilitated this adjustment through fatality numbers. It’s trading at -4.5, but some operators are trading at -5.5 (-115), which could indicate a possible move to -6.

Saturday, September 10: Scoring in this game kicked off for the Lions on Friday afternoon after the final injury report of the week. The spread moved from -4 to -4.5 for the Eagles on Friday due to obvious problems with his line and his position, and bettors pushed that figure further on Saturday morning. It’s now -5 in DraftKings and most other books.

Friday, September 9: The Lions’ offensive line is in complete chaos. Halapourivativatai is on his IR, with Frank Lagnow and Tommy Kramer absent for most of his week in training and on the other side of Questionable on Sunday. Bettors reacted to Friday’s injury report by continuing to bet on Philadelphia, raising the Eagles’ score from -4 to -4.5 in the Draft Kings.

Tuesday, September 6: This is the off-season favorite in the betting market. The Eagles’ future has attracted a lot of action, but the Lions were featured on HBO’s Hard Knock to give them greater exposure heading into the 2022 season. It rose to -4.5 on a few trades, dropped to -3.5 and is now stuck at -4. DraftKings took 69% of the bet and Eagles took 70% of the bet.

Colts at Texans odds
opening line
Texans +7.5, Over/Under 44.5

why the line moved
Sept. 8 8:15 AM ET 11: This spread has been dancing around touchdown all week. As of Sunday morning, the operator is trading mostly his Colts -7, with a few -7.5 hooks for those leaning towards domestic underdogs. Ticketing rates are high in Indianapolis, up to 70% for the Colts at BetMGM, but the Texans have a little more cash as they scored points for their bigger bet with Houston.

4:30 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Sept. 9 6: Houston was as high as +8.5 last week, but fell to +7 on several trades as it drew closer to week 1. The Texans only have a 37% pick against Indianapolis, according to the Covers Consensus. The Colts are awaiting Week 1 status for star LB Shaq Leonard this week.

Hype for the Matt Ryan-centric Colts in 2022 is high. This extends the range from -7.5 in Indianapolis’ opening game to -8.5 in sports betting, with the Colts accounting for 57% to 69% of betting. While behind Indy in bet numbers, Handle withdrew up to 79% of his money on the Texans in Week 1.

Patriots at Dolphins odds
opening line
Dolphin -2.5, Over/Under 45

why the line moved
Sept. 12 12:15 PM ET 11: Interest in the Patriots cut the Dolphins down from -3.5 to -3 in several trades an hour before kickoff. The total also increased from 45.5 to 46.5 as the Pro Group dived early on Sunday morning.

Sept. 8 8:15 a.m. ET 11: The Dolphins were a favorite week one pick, drawing action from the pro group early last week, going from -2.5 in Miami to -4 in some books that line. I pulled As of Sunday morning, the industry standard is a soft -3.5 for Finns. Miami weather is said to feel like 100 degrees on Sunday afternoon with high humidity. A total of 46 points.

4:30 PM ET, Tuesday, Sept. 9 6: The Dolphins -2.5 was a favorite pick by many, not only making Miami -3 over the weekend, but also the respected -3.5 fins across the industry after a group of pros bet on Miami earlier this week. Our cover consensus shows 67% of the picks are in Miami and the book is in the Dolphins in this AFC East rivalry.

The AFC East will sort out their food chain in Week 1 and host New England in Miami. The Dolphins opened as field goal favorites with new head coach Mike McDaniels and a new gun in Tyreke Hill, but the spread fell to -2.5 and some books fell to -3 in his August .

The DraftKings book reports that 60% of bets and 64% of handles are on host fins. That total increased from 44 to 45.5 points, despite the relative two-way action of Over/Under.

Ravens to Jets odds
opening line
Jet +4, Over/Under 45.5

why the line moved
12:30pm. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Baltimore has lost a dead body on offense, as has his RB JK Dobbins, who has been ruled out. Most stores sell Ravens -6.5, and Circa (Colorado) has his Solo -6 on display. Baltimore had the money after Zach Wilson’s injury last preseason, but it looks like Gang Green will buy the game back on gameday as the Ravens struggle with injuries in Week 1.

September 8 at 8:15 AM ET 11: Zach Wilson’s injury caused the line to move the most in the preseason, but dissatisfaction with the Ravens is building in Week 1, although the range briefly climbed to -7.5 in Baltimore. , slowly narrowing, and as of Sunday morning, most sportsbooks are at -6.5.The total dropped to 44 points before the weekend and is now holding there.

2:00 PM ET, Wednesday, Sept. 7: The Jets offer hope to his fans with news that his QB Zach Wilson in Week 1 may return this weekend from knee surgery. gave, but that good vibe was dashed on Wednesday. The team announced that veteran backup his Joe Flacco will be the Week 1 starter.

It was the opening game, New York vs. Baltimore? Ravens -7 rose in price from -105 to -115 while FanDuel rose from -7 to -7.5 in Baltimore, with some trades totaling a 0.5 point drop from 45 to 44.5.

The Jets started Week 1 as a 4.5-point underdog as they hosted the Ravens. That number moves to -5.5 and will keep him out of the season opener (and possibly more games) when New York QB Zach Wilson goes down with a knee injury. jumped up to

The BetMGM shop sees his 93% of the amount wagered on this spread for the Ravens, and his 85% of bets also support Baltimore. The total started with 45 points and only dropped to 44.5 with veteran Joe Flacco filling in the Jets under center. In total Ander won his 80% of the early money and his 60% of the tickets won Ander.

Jaguar at commander’s odds
opening line
Commander -4, Over/Under 44.5

why the line moved
Sept. 8 8:15 a.m. ET 11: The Jaguars are a favorite of the outsiders, moving from +4.5 to +3 before a group of pros pounced on the Jaguars, a crucial break from a field goal earlier in the week. Numbers pushed the spread to +2.5. Washington saw some buybacks over the weekend, at which point his spread is -3 in most places in Commander, with some still at -2.5. Our Covers Consensus now shows him 61% of picks in Washington. The total is 43.5-44 points.

Saturday, September 10: After some specialist publications lowered the spread for this matchup from -3.5 to -2.5 earlier in the week, some books returned it to -3 on Saturday morning. DraftKings and others are among the books making the move to key numbers. If you’re going to bet on your favorite and you’re still seeing -2.5, grab it now.

4:30 PM ET, Tuesday, September 9 at 6: Jacksonville takes on the popular Underdog pick vs. In Washington in Week 1, the attraction lifted the Jaguar from +4 to +3.5 over the summer. Most recently, the release from the Jaguars’ +3.5 esteemed pro group adjusted the book to Jacksonville +2.5 as of Tuesday, lowering the spread across his goals on the field. Jags makes a ton of money with his BetMGM-like books, but our Covers Consensus shows that only 37% of his picks support the Week 1 road team.

Chief to Cardinal Odds
opening line
Cardinals +3, Over/Under 53

why the line moved
8:30 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: The Chiefs are one of the sportsbook’s biggest stumbling blocks in Week 1, down from -3 to -6.5 in places. Kansas City’s -6 line has heavier juices for those who want to join him in KC on Sunday morning. This total was one of the highlights of Week 1 and is currently between 53.5 and 54 points. Heading into the weekend, books like BetMGM said he had a 73% bet and a 75% overhandle.

4:30 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 6: Kansas City book field at Chiefs-3.5 visiting Arizona in Week 1 Add a half-point hook to his goal It’s been running ever since. It surged to -4.5 last week and moved aggressively from dead number to -6 on Tuesday. Kansas City won his 66% of picks, with bookmakers counting and processing many bets on his KC, covering consensus reports.

Tuesday, July 29: Kansas City soars from -3 to -3.5 in his late August, up a full point to -4.5 in most markets by the afternoon of August. 31. Our cover consensus shows that 67% of Chiefs and Sportsbook chips rely heavily on KC, both for the number of bets and the money put into the spread. The total also increased from 53 to 53.5 points.

The Chiefs started Week 1 in Arizona as the goal favorites on the field, and Cardinals topped his WR DeAndre his Hopkins to get his first six-game suspension. That spread remained steady until late August when action grabbed an extra half-point hook at the Kansas City visitors -3.5. BetMGM’s book won his 76% of the betting and his 89% of the money with the Chiefs as the over/under and steady two-way play took the total from 53 to 54 points.

Chance from Raiders to Chargers
opening line
Charger -4, Over/Under 52

why the line moved
8:30 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Some books fell to -3 in Los Angeles earlier last week, but the industry consensus is now -3.5 in Los Angeles as of Sunday morning. Books reports solid interactive play in the game, and while the Las Vegas-based book shows a regional bias against the Raiders, the national spot targets more Chargers. This total ranges from 52 on the board to his 52.5 points. Cover consensus shows him 71% of picks in overs.

2.30. US ET, Wednesday Sept. 7: With some international stores like bet365 in Los Angeles at -3 (-120), money is looming ahead of this revenge on the Raiders his match . The book, which originated from Las Vegas, sees the local teams biased and distorted divisions, while other operators outside Nevada account for significantly more mutual ticket numbers and over 60% of Host Bolt’s handles. is reporting.

packer at viking odds
opening line
Viking +1, above/below 49

why the line moved
Sept. 8 8:45 a.m. ET 11: The Vikings have been trailing the Packers in Week 1 since the line came out in the spring. That number he dropped to +1 in a week and -1 over the weekend in some books. The still +1 player moved to his PK and moved to Minnesota -2 on Sunday morning, betting home for his team was inundated.

Adding another weapon to their dangerous offensive line, the Vikings traded Philadelphia for WR Jaren Rieger on August 1. 31. The move took Minnesota from +2.5 to +1 in their home opener against rival Packers in Week 1, while the other book was +1.5 and +1.5 after being bought back at lower spreads in Green Bay. It gives +2.

This NFC North grudge match started with a -1.5 low against Green Bay and climbed to -2.5 before narrowing interest in the Vikings and widening to -2 to the Packers. Sportsbooks report contrasting behavior, with BetMGM in Minnesota having higher numbers of bets and settlements (57%/70%) and places like his DraftKings in Green Bay stronger (68%/70%). 55%). That total he started with 49 points, jumped to 50, but then dropped to 48. Under won 71% of bets and 64% of money among BetMGM bettors.

Giants at Titan odds
opening line
Titans -7, Over/Under 44

why the line moved
12:30pm. ET, Sunday, September. 11: Tennessee’s home opener spread against the Giants ranges from -6 to -5 for the Titans. The game originally opened at -6.5 in the spring. According to DraftKings, Titans has his 67% of the handle, but Giants has more money today. Tennessee won his 77% of total tickets. Older

Sept. 8 8:45 AM ET 11:00 Sunday morning’s prize goes to the Giants, with some sportsbooks dropping lines from +5.5 in New York to as high as +4.5. However, many operators still hold Titans -5.5, which was -6.5 in the spring opening game. A lot of the books get a lot of tickets in Tennessee, but a lot of sharpshooters rated the G-Men highly, so they make more money with the Giants in the offseason.

Week 1’s out-of-meeting clashes show one of the more significant moves. The Titans started with his 6.5-point home choke and sank to -5.5 that key below his number. The DraftKings book reports 69% of his bets on Tennessee, but 56% of his bets on the spread were won in New York. At BetMGM, G-Men not only bring 60% of bets, but 71% of handles.

Buccaneers at Cowboys odds
opening line
Cowboys +3, Over/Under 51

why the line moved
7:15 p.m. ET, Sunday, September. 11: The Buccaneers are the 2.5-point favorite across the industry as the first Sunday Night Football of the season begins. Sportsbook focuses heavily on the Tampa Bay action, while WynnBet reports his 62% of bets and 70% of handles to visitors. The game will be a big decision for the operator as all the existing parleys and teasers are tied to his SNF results.

This game total dropped to 49.5 after he opened with 52 points in May. Both teams’ offensive lines and receiver injuries put money in the Anders in August. WynnBet reports 58% of his bets on the under, but a whopping 91% of his money bets on bad results in Dallas.

As of 8:45 a.m. ET on Sept. 8 at 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning, most books are treating Tampa Bay as his 2.5-point favorite street in Sunday night’s showdown in Dallas. The game will be a big hit for sportsbooks as it not only features two popular teams, but also incorporates many existing parleys and teasers. Totals for this SNF contest have hovered between 50 and 50.5 points over the past three weeks after early prizes have sided with underscores.

4:30 PM ET, Tuesday, Sept. 9 6: Dallas rises from +1.5 to +2.5 at home on Tuesday, the original starting numbers for this Sunday night’s football showdown with Tampa Bay. Back in , that spread continues to dance. That game’s total score has also adjusted significantly, dropping from 52 to 49.5 before returning to 51 with buybacks this week.

Sunday night’s Week 1 showcase featured one of the biggest line moves in the opening roster of the game, with Tampa Bay coming onto the board at -2.5 and quickly dropping to -1.5 this summer. With Tom Brady’s training camp running out of time, bettors continued to drop Bucs to -1.

According to BetMGM’s book, Dallas withdrew money for his 51% of the bet and his 56% of the spread. The total recently dropped from 52 to 50 as both teams’ offensives were injured on his line. 87% of the tickets and 86% of the money will support his Under on Sunday Night Football in Week 1.

Broncos at Seahawks odds
opening line
Seahawks +4, Over/Under 41

why the line moved
9:00 am. ET, Sunday, September. 11: The spread opened at a low of -4.5 for the Broncos in the spring and climbed to -7 over the past week with some sportsbooks betting heavily on action in Denver with operators betting heavily. According to the Covers Consensus, 73% of picks in Monday night’s Week 1 finals came from visitors, with intense one-sided play in Denver prior to the weekend (90% of bets, 89% of processing at BetMGM). %) was reported. As of Sunday morning, the Broncos are between -6.5 and -7 on the board.

Planners provide information for week 1 and don’t have to wait for Russell Wilson to return to Seattle. The Broncos opened at -3.5 in the spring, but a Seahawks QB question widened that spread to -6.5 in Denver, which could move to a touchdown if the action continues.

BetMGM Sportsbook has already won 92% of his stake and 95% of his money on the Broncos’ visiting destination for the first Monday Night Football of the 2022 season.